We help our clients  solving every tipe of tax controversies that may arise conducting national and cross border business operation.

We offers our valuable customer a  full service both  during tax audits and in case of any of a subsequent litigation.


Studio Commerciale GS Tax Litigation Services 

Initial phase:

– Reviewing accounting records and tax returns to identify weakness and potential risks

– Assisting in implementing the best practices for fully compliant accounting and tax reporting system


Audit phase:

– Support during  Audit phase

– Studying the legal merits and reasonableness of Tax Authority pretends

– Develop Solutions and Responses to tax authority requests

– Assistance & Attendance during tax authority

– Drafting responses to tax authority requests

– Conciliation, Mediation

– Advising and assistance concerning tax authority interviews.

– Engineer objections regarding the disputed issues.


Litigation phase:

– Preparing the draft appeal and all the supporting documentation requirements

– Represent clients during all grade of court proceeding, both in Italy and in Europe

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